JDM Carbon Fiber

TC Racing steering wheel is only built from Toray Company’s carbon fiber, which is a leading global carbon fiber Japanese manufacturer. Their carbon fiber is also used in McLaren MP4-12C and Lexus LFA, even in the airplane from the Boeing Company. The quality and strength are guaranteed.

There are 3,000 filaments per strand in our carbon fiber. The 3K carbon fiber is light, relatively stiff. It has better strength than 6k, 9k, 12k.

      2mm Thick Epoxy

We also have applied 2mm thick of Epoxy coating on all carbon fiber surfaces. Therefore, this lets the carbon fiber wheels have extra protection from oxidation. You can also polish the wheel many times when there are scratches. We provide 3 year warranty on our wheels.

Not all

Carbon Fiber

Wheels are

created Equal.


Enhanced Handling 

Our wheels provide you the best handling as it is not too thick to grip when you are driving aggressively.

Market Quality

Better Alcantara

Our Alcantara is sewed tightly, unlike the leather from market quality that is loose stitching. 

Market Quality

Better Assemble

We have quality control after each process to ensure there are no crack during the assembly.

Market Quality

No Distorted Weave

Our carbon fiber is built symmetrically and evenly.

Market Quality

No Wheel Gap

Our leather connects with the carbon fiber seamlessly.

Market Quality

Avoid Oxidation

We put 2mm thick of Epoxy to prevent oxidation from heat.

Market Quality

Thick Epoxy Coating

We put 2mm thick of Epoxy to prevent oxidation from heat.

Market Quality

Perforated Leather

The holes in our high quality leather is perforated throughly.

Market Quality

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